Flycasting with Lasse Karlsson

Flycasting with Lasse Karlsson

Flycasting instruction and dry waders

Winter practise

FlycastingPosted by Lasse Karlsson Sat, February 20, 2010 22:40:25

Winter's still here, I've gotten a new appreciation for my friends living far North. How they keep practising their casting throughout a long frozen period is amazing !

Still all that white fluffy stuff has got it's advantages, you'll never step on and break your rod:

And it just keeps coming....

Danish Championships are just a few weeks away hope to see you all there :-)

Oh, and my wifey has gotten on youtube, check her casting out here:


FlycastingPosted by Lasse Karlsson Thu, January 21, 2010 21:28:17

Winter has hit us, well it hit quite a while ago, and seems to be stuck..

Nice scenery from my delayed premiere day on the Swedish coast :-)

No fish, but a great day!

This year the Danish Championship in Fly casting with regular tackle is being held indoors on the 6. March... Being the current Champion means I should really be out practicing hard as the competition is seriously tough.. However minus degrees and wind and mostly darkness doesn't really sound like fun does it??

Well it is :-D

Starting out

FlycastingPosted by Lasse Karlsson Sun, May 24, 2009 18:51:45

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog, it used to be a dysfunctional website where nothing happened, because I lack technical skills big time, hopefully more will happen now :-D

Come back soon, things are about to happen!

If you're looking for some good quality instruction, send me a mail.