Flycasting with Lasse Karlsson

Flycasting with Lasse Karlsson

Flycasting instruction and dry waders


FlyfishingPosted by Lasse Karlsson Sat, November 17, 2012 21:21:30

Ok, about time we saw something new here, guess everyone has gotten Joans words now and have gone out and practiced and learned alot ;-)

Life happened, since last I got to be a dad to my beautiful daughter Robyn, who just turned two... Yes it's apperantly been that long since I last was here, must be all the sleepless nights that took the time :-) And more to come, we're expecting her kid brother to arrive early next year, hopefully it won't be another couple of years before I find my way back here :-D

So now for something fishy, the fall season is happening all over and the trout as well as the pike are on their fins so get out there and throw some wicked loops and catch some scaly opponents 8-)

Wise words

InstructionPosted by Lasse Karlsson Tue, February 23, 2010 21:00:26

"If you don't know where the fish lie but can cast well enough to cover all the water with finesse, you are likely to solve the mystery and catch fish. If you know where they lie but can neither reach them or present the fly naturally, you are not even in the game"

Joan Wulff

I think I'll just let that one stand for a while ...

Winter practise

FlycastingPosted by Lasse Karlsson Sat, February 20, 2010 22:40:25

Winter's still here, I've gotten a new appreciation for my friends living far North. How they keep practising their casting throughout a long frozen period is amazing !

Still all that white fluffy stuff has got it's advantages, you'll never step on and break your rod:

And it just keeps coming....

Danish Championships are just a few weeks away hope to see you all there :-)

Oh, and my wifey has gotten on youtube, check her casting out here:


FlycastingPosted by Lasse Karlsson Thu, January 21, 2010 21:28:17

Winter has hit us, well it hit quite a while ago, and seems to be stuck..

Nice scenery from my delayed premiere day on the Swedish coast :-)

No fish, but a great day!

This year the Danish Championship in Fly casting with regular tackle is being held indoors on the 6. March... Being the current Champion means I should really be out practicing hard as the competition is seriously tough.. However minus degrees and wind and mostly darkness doesn't really sound like fun does it??

Well it is :-D

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